YTT Otomotiv Meeting

The monthly routine meeting we held on Saturday, April 14 at our Gaziantep branch office was held with the participation of Mr. Tanju from YTT Otomotiv.

Mr. Tanju, who is a partner of YTT Otomotiv and also the company’s sales manager, shared information about the company, newly produced references and the quality of the product at his presentation. To summarize this information:

-YTT Otomotiv produces hose-rubber and office furniture armrests.
-They have produced certain references as OEM in many vehicle groups.
-They established a warehouse in Serbia apart from Turkey.
- The company has entered into a new production agreement as an OEM for two new chocks of the new Fiat Egea brand vehicle.
-By producing their own molds, we can add that they have 24 hours production capacity with the latest system CNC machines in the desired size and number.

We would like to thank Mr. Tanju and YTT Otomotiv for their visit and support to our region.

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